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Pond Liners

Pond Lines
The foundation for every successful Koi pond, water garden or waterfall project is the pond liner you use to build the water feature you want. Our best advice when it comes to picking the type and size of liner for your project is pretty simple: Don't cut corners! Here's what we mean -  
Buy It For Life
Think about how long you want to keep the water feature you are planning to build. Are you an experienced pond enthusiast or fish keeper? Planning to build your pond 'once and done'? 45 mil EPDM is the choice for you. It's the most durable, flexible and pliable permanent liner we offer. It adapts easily to the greatest variety of applications, watefalls and skimmers, and is the pond liner used by most landscape contractors and pond professionals. First pond? Starting small and planning to rebuild if you enjoy fish keeping? Flexibility and pliability not a priority? 20 mil HDPE may be the choice for you. This liner is durable and strong, half the weight of a comparable size EPDM liner and fish and wildlife safe. HDPE is stiffer to work with than EPDM. HDPE is the most widely used geomembrane in the world and is found in everything from small backyard ponds to large commercial water features and industrial containment.
Buy Enough
Let's be upfront here... we're not trying to sell you more liner than you need. Our years experience teach us two things - ponds under construction tend to 'grow' not 'shrink', and we get more calls for additional liner and seam kits from customers who purchased too little liner than from customers who want to know what to do with all of their excess, unused liner! When in doubt, we encourage you to either order the next size larger liner or call us and we'll be happy to verify your liner size calculations.

Which Liner Is Right for You?

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
High Density Polyethylene
Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Adapts readily to a variety of applications
  • Remains flexible in extreme temperatures
  • Contains no plasticizers that can crack & split
  • Readily accepts pipe and hose penetrations
  • Certified fish & wildlife safe
  • Integrated carbon black for UV protection
  • Substantial strength and durability
  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • Available factory seamed sizes to 60,000 sq ft
  • Guaranteed fish & wildlife safe
  • For best results protect PVC liner from direct UV exposure
  • Adapts readily to a variety of pond and pondless waterfalls
  • Attaches easily to waterfalls, weirs and skimmer boxes
  • Guaranteed fish & wildlife saf
  • 5 year warranty

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