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Half Off Ponds Aqua Marine Floating Fountain w/ 15,000 GPH Pump and 3 Spray Patterns

Create a beautiful fountain display in ponds and water gardens. Enjoy the gorgeous and calming spray patterns as the fountain keeps your water healthy. This kit offers 3 gorgeous spray patterns: Lily, Classic V, and Trumpet. Add the lighting kit to create a spectacular evening water feature.

The included low-wattage pump cycles the water at a rate of 15,000 GPH and can operate in water as shallow as 3’ deep while operating at a fraction of power consumption as other pumps in the industry.

Floating fountains aerate your water feature and prevent water stagnation which can lead to algae, a lack of oxygen, and mosquitos.

The Aqua Marine Floating Fountain is a complete package that is ready to go are and easy to assemble, install, and maintain. No electrician or special wiring necessary, plugs right into a GFCI outlet. Available without a light kit, or with a (3) 3-Watt White Lighting Kit with Remote, (3) 3-Watt Color Changing Lighting Kit with Remote or with a (3) 9-Watt Color Changing Light Kit with Remote.

Aqua Marine Fountains with Color Changing Lighting Kits (NOT included in this listing) are compatible with the Wi-Fi RGB Remote Controller (NOT included) which can be used from your favorite mobile devices!