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Kasco RGB Multicolor LED Lights in Composite Housings

Kasco Marine WaterGlow™ RGB LED Lighting is the ultimate decorative and/or event lighting for your J or VFX fountains. With the capacity to create 9 different colors, this remote control operated unit also allows the user to adjust brightness levels, has three sequencing patterns, and can be coupled with any music playing device that supports a 3.5mm Y connector (not included with unit.) This gives the user the ability to set the RGB light sequencing to the rhythm of the music! Available in a 3 fixture (compatible with 1/2HP – 1HP) or 6 fixture (2HP – 3HP) kit, this color-changing RGB Lighting is built with the same durability you expect from Kasco. The 1-piece composite housing and a secure weld around the lens ensures a leak free assembly and the unit can be mounted with standard bracketing.

Kasco WaterGlow™ LED Lighting

Fountains make beautiful and dramatic displays. Add lighting so you can enjoy the display even at night? Kasco has lighting solutions for all our fountains with our state-of-the-art LED lighting options. Kasco lighting packages are designed and engineered for efficient and reliable performance and are quick and easy to install. Kasco’s state-of-the-art LED Lighting Packages are an elegant and distinctive addition to our fountains and aerators. Available in composite or stainless steel housings, and in classic white or colored lenses, these LED lights deliver a pleasing and versatile look. Modeled around extensive in-field testing and market research, these lights are engineered for performance and efficiency with corrosion-resistant housings and fixtures designed to minimize water entry points. Kasco’s LED lights will withstand the test of time and add years of enjoyment to the water display

Kasco Lighting Specifications

Model Cord Length # fixtures voltage phase hz wattage per fixture total wattage lens
RGB3C5050 50' 3 120/1/60 5 15 Above Water
RGB3C5100 100' 3 120/1/60 5 15 Abover Water
RGB3C5150 150' 3 120/1/60 5 15 Above Water
RGB3C5200 200' 3 120/1/60 5 15 Above Water
RGB3C5250 250' 3 120/1/60 5 15 Above Water
RGB3C5300 200' 3 120/1/60 5 15 Above Water
RGB3C5400 150' 3 120/1/60 5 15 Above Water
RGB6C5050 50' 6 120/1/60 5 30 Above Water
RGB6C5100 100' 6 120/1/60 5 30 Abover Water
RGB6C5150 150' 6 120/1/60 5 30 Above Water
RGB6C5200 200' 6 120/1/60 5 30 Above Water
RGB6C5250 250' 6 120/1/60 5 30 Above Water
RGB6C5300 200' 6 120/1/60 5 30 Above Water
RGB6C5400 250' 6 120/1/60 5 30 Above Water


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