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Savio Signature 3000 Complete Water Garden and Pond Kit, with 10 x 15 Foot PVC Pond Liner
Savio Signature 3000 Complete Water Garden and Pond Kit, with 10 x 15 Foot PVC Pond Liner
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Savio Signature 3000 Complete Water Garden and Pond Kit, with 10 x 15 Foot PVC Pond Liner

  • 10’ x 15’ liner approximately builds a 6 ft. x 11 ft. 700-gallon water garden or fish pond at a 1.5 ft. depth. Finished pond length, width, and depth can be tailored to your specific requirements.
  • This all-inclusive pond kit is designed with water garden enthusiasts and light-load fish keepers in mind. All installation hardware and plumbing needs are included to help eliminate the guesswork of selecting individual components. Each item is selected to work together and help keep your pond clean, clear, and healthy.
  • One contact for warranty claims. Warranties on major components: PolyGuard Pond Liner - Limited 5-Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty, AP3000 Pump - 2-Years, SS0000 Skimmer - 5-Years, F100 Waterfall - 5-Years

Owning a pond is a rich and rewarding experience and Savio makes it easy. Our goal is to help you create a pond that looks great and requires minimal effort to maintain.

The best pond designs mimic nature. Savio Signature Series utilizes Livingponds™ equipment in harmony, creating low-maintenance, living water gardens which stay healthy with little effort. Savio Livingponds™ do not require aggressive cleaning, annual draining, or excessive chemical treatments. The equipment and the pond are designed with a philosophy which emphasizes low-maintenance combined with natural beauty. In no time you will have a backyard oasis to enjoy for many years to come.

PolyGuard Pond Liner is backed by a standard 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty; when installed with UnderGuard Geotextile Underlayment and protected from sunlight, PolyGuard Pond Liner will last decades!

Only Savio products harness the natural dynamics of moving water for maximum biological filtration to keep your pond clean, clear, and healthy. Build your pond right, build your pond with Savio architectural grade engineered equipment.

This Pond Kit Includes

  • 10' x 15' 20 mil PVC Pond Liner - 5 year warranty, 10 year warranty when installed with underlayment
  • Non woven UnderGuard™ Geotextile Underlayment for use with 10' x 25' liner
  • Savio Engineering's Livingponds 22" Filtering Waterfall
  • Savio Engineering's Compact Skimmerfilter with 8.5" Weir Assembly
  • Half Off Ponds Aqua Pulse Series 3,000 GPH Submersible Pond Pump
  • 1.5" x 25' Half Off Ponds Flexible Kink Free Tubing
  • Submersible Light Set - (1) 1 Watt Bronze light with 6 Watt transformer
  • 1 can waterfall foam, beneficial bacteria starter pack, necessary plumbing fixtures
  • We have a general pond installation video available online

Savio 22" Livingponds Filtering Waterfall

  • Efficient: 60% more efficient filtering than square box filters
  • Modular Design: Connect filters in tandem to increase the flow capacity
  • The Best Filtration: Pair with Livingponds Versatile Filter - F200 for the best filtration
  • Clog Resistant Media: SpringFlo is an extremely efficient and low maintenance media
  • Crystal Clear Water: Built in biological and mechanical filtration
Technical Specs
  • 22" wide spillway
  • Water flow rate up to 5,000 GPH
  • Dimensions - 24" Wide x 26" Deep x 34" High

Savio Skimmer


  • UV Filtration: Savio SkimmerFilters are the only skimmers on the market with a patented integrated UV system (sold seperately)
  • Skimming Action: Pulls debris from the surface of the water and captures it in a rigid leaf basket for easy cleaning
  • Biological Filtration: Filter media provides a surface for beneficial bacteria to colonize, converting waste from fish into inert forms
  • Mechanical Filtration: Conceals and extends the life of your pump by filtering out floating particulate that can clog water intakes.


  • Flow Rate: Flow Rate: 3,000 GPH - 8.5" Weir
  • Dimensions: 18" x 23" x 20"
  • Ideal for ponds between 1,000 to 5,000
  • Filtering: Leaf basket, filter media, and 18watt UVinex capable

Half Off Ponds Aqua Pulse Series 3000 GPH Submersible Pump

  • High flow, energy efficient hybrid drive submersible pump
  • Built for 24 hour continuous use
  • Contains no oil; completely safe for fish, wildlife and aquatic plants.
  • Backed by a 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty!
Technical Specs
  • 30' Power cord
  • 120 volts, 192 Watts

PolyGuard 20 mil PVC Pond Liner

  • Anjon Manufacturing's PVC PolyGuard Pond Liner is marketed in hundreds of pond kits, and installed in thousands of water features, worldwide.
  • PVC pond liners are the most cost effective versatile and adaptable liners available. Ideal for ponds of all sizes with steep or gentle sloping sides, tight corners, contours and shelving.
  • Pliable and flexible; conforms to a variety of irregular surfaces. Excellent choice for water gardens, fish ponds and backyard waterfalls. This light weight liner is easy to install.
  • Attaches easily to waterfall boxes, weirs and skimmers. Remains flexible and pliable even in extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Contains plasticizers which will deteriorate in direct sunlight. For best results use ground cover, rocks or gravel to protect PVC liner from direct UV exposure.
  • Completely safe for fish, wildlife and plants. Standard 10-Year Manufacturer's Warranty for defects in manufacture, materials or workmanship: Ships Ground.

Non woven UnderGuard Geotextile Underlayment

  • Used under pond liner for protection and enhances soil stability & controls erosion
  • Use inside the pond to pad large rocks
  • Virtually indestructible; will not rot
Technical Specs
  • Non woven UnderGuard geotextile membrane
  • High tensile strength polypropylene fabric
  • Random strand three dimensional pore structure

Half Off Ponds Flexible Kink Free Tubing

  • Works around tight turns, bends, or curves
  • Smooth Interior wall will not impede water flow, prevents friction loss
  • Works with standard schedule 40 PVC barbed fittings

Underwater Lighting

  • Works in or around pond
  • Adds a beautiful finishing touch
  • Submersible or non-submersible lighting

Pond Installation Kit

  • Plumbing fittings, PVC supplies, and bacteria starter
  • waterfall foam
  • Online installation instructions

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