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Filter Media

Filter media is essential for proper pond filtration and healthy water garden inhabitants. Choose from our great selection of filter media to maintain or enhance pond filtration

Bottom Drain Filtration

Bottom Drains are essential for successful Koi keeping. Without a Bottom Drain, settled debris, and fish waste will never make it to the skimmer. Any solids which do not float to the skimmer will settle on the bottom and rot away. Plumbing Bottom Drains to the skimmer to allow all solids to filter through the leaf basket, and through the bio media is one of the best things you can do to ensure fish keeping success.

All-In-One Filters

All in one fountain filter and pump kits are ideal for the entry level pond builder. These units require more maintenance than most filters but are effective for aeration and circulation. We recommend the Patriot All In One Pump which features a 525 GPH Pump, 9 Watt UV Clarifier, Bio Balls, zeolight and filter media. It's got everything you need for a small, crystal clear pond.

Pressure Filters

Connected to a properly matched pond pump, pressure filters provide outstanding bio-mechanical filtration, removing particulate matter as well as toxic ammonia and nitrite. Water is driven into the filter and then cleaned as it passes through various filter medias. Many pressure filters also include UV clarification, or the option to add UV clarification.

Skimmer Filters

Skimmer filters effectively trap surface debris from ponds and water gardens. For a premium skimmer with an UV option, we recommend the Savio Skimmer filter. These precision-engineered units provide excellent mechanical filtration to remove up to 85% of floating debris from the pond water surface. For more UV clarification products click here

Filtering Waterfalls

Waterfall filters enhance water quality and pond aesthetics. These multi-functional units can also help boost biological filtration, pond water movement, and aeration. We recommend Atlantic Water Garden Waterfalls, which provides beneficial water movement and active aeration to establish a healthy pond environment. Atlantic Waterfalls are made with the most durable material and includes premium Bio-Tech media.

GC Tek Filters & Systems

These professional grade filtration systems are for the koi enthusiast that needs the most healthy environment possible for his pond. GC Tek makes these super powered machines and they deliver the most pristine water conditions possible. Along with filtration systems, GC Tek also delivers the highest performing UV clarifiers on the market as well.