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15' x 20' Simply Ponds 2100 EPDM Pond Kit - XSH0
XSH0 - 15' x 20' Simply Ponds 2100 EPDM Pond Kit
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Transform your lawn by creating a beautiful water garden with Simply Ponds.

Simply Ponds is the ideal kit for homeowners creating a small water garden, fish pond or water feature. Each item in a Simply Ponds kit is selected to provide ideal performance and create a beautiful, low-maintenance backyard oasis. Only quality hardware from leading manufacturers are in your kit, allowing you to enjoy your water feature for years to come. Get more for your money and remove the guesswork of individually selecting components.

Simply Ponds is the perfect solution for your first pond or adding on to current ponds. Start with the kit that includes everything you need to build a water garden or pond.

The Simply Ponds 2100 Watergarden Kit includes:
    • Savio 16” Waterfall Filter
    • Pond Builder 7” Serenity Skimmer
    • Manta 2,100 GPH Submersible Pump
    • 15' x 20' 45-Mil EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner®
    • 300 SqFt. UnderGuard Underlayment™ Nonwoven Geotextile
    • Patriot Pond Lighting Submersible Light Set - (1) Bronze LED Spot Light w/ 6-Watt Transformer
    • 1.5" x 25' Kink Free Tubing
    • (1) Savio™ Black Foam - 12 oz can & All Necessary Plumbing Fixtures
    • (1) Rescue Water Treatment's Beneficial Bacteria - 8 oz Bottle
    • All Necessary Plumbing Fixtures

Pond Liner is the foundation for any Koi pond, water garden, or waterfall. From residential backyard ponds to commercial water features. This kit includes Anjon Manufacturing's 45 mil EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner®. LifeGuard Pond Liner® is the quality choice of installers and feature owners.

Anjon Manufacturing's LifeGuard Pond Liner® is backed by a standard 25-Year Manufacturer's Warranty, and when installed with UnderGuard Geotextile Underlayment™, LifeGuard Pond Liner® Warranted for LIFE! LifeGuard Pond Liner® is the BEST pond liner with the BEST Manufacturer's Warranty on the market today!

    Simply Ponds 2100 Water Garden and Pond Kit with 15' x 20' EPDM Liner-XSH0

    • Build a 8’ x 12’ 2100-gallon water garden or fish pond at a 3’ depth. Finished pond length, width, and depth can be tailored to your specific requirements.
    • Pond liner and submersible water pump are safe for fish, wildlife and aquatic plants.
    • The Simply Ponds 2100 Watergarden Kit includes: Savio 16” Waterfall Filter, Pond Builder 7” Serenity Skimmer, Manta 2,100 GPH Submersible Pump, 45-Mil EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner®, UnderGuard Underlayment™ Nonwoven Geotextile, Patriot Pond Lighting 1-Watt Mini Bronze Spot Light with 6-Watt Transformer, 1.5" x 25' Kink Free Tubing, Savio™ Black Foam - 12 oz can, Rescue Water Treatments™ Beneficial Bacteria - 8 oz
    • One contact for warranty claims. Warranties on major components: EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner® - Limited Lifetime (when installed with UnderGuard™); Savio 16” Waterfall Filter - 5 year; 7” Serenity Skimmer - 5 Year; Manta 2,100 Pump - 2 year; Patriot Pond Lighting - 1 Year; Kink Free Tubing - 25 Years
    • All installation hardware and plumbing fixtures are included. Ships as a ground package, Fast and Free!

    Main Kit Components

    Anjon Manufacturing's 45 Mil EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner®

    Features and Technical Specs

    • Anjon Manufacturing's EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner® is marketed in hundreds of pond kits, and installed in thousands of water features, worldwide. Professionals trust their reputation to LifeGuard Pond Liner®!
    • Resists UV deterioration and contains no plasticizers which become brittle and cause cracks and splits. LifeGuard Pond Liner® is virtually indestructible; unaffected by hydrocarbons, mildew, rot, and freeze-thaw cycles!
    • Durable and Puncture Resistant! LifeGuard Pond Liner® is extremely versatile and is used in a wide variety of applications, including: Pondless Waterfalls, Skimmers and Waterfalls, Retention and Koi Ponds, and Fish Hatcheries.
    • LifeGuard Pond Liner® is Certified Fish & Wildlife Safe by Guardian Systems, Inc. and easily attaches to filtering waterfalls and skimmers. Readily accepts pipe and hose penetration without leaks, and can be easily seamed.
    • Anjon Manufacturing's EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner® comes with a Standard 25-Year Manufacturer's Warranty; but, when properly installed with UnderGuard Underlayment™ Nonwoven Geotextile, Anjon Manufacturing's EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner® is warrantied for LIFE!

    Anjon Manufacturing's UnderGuard Underlayment™ Nonwoven Geotextile

    Features and Technical Specs

    • High tensile-strength nonwoven polypropylene fabric is easy to use.
    • Enhances soil stability and controls erosion while providing a stable and lasting foundation for water features, retaining walls, trenches, and planting projects.
    • Needle punched nonwoven polypropylene geotextile fabric with a random, three-dimensional pore structure and a uniform, felt-like consistency. Superior drainage characteristics versus woven geotextile fabric.
    • Virtually indestructible; unaffected by hydrocarbons, mildew, rot, & freeze-thaw cycles while diffusing gas and fluid build up
    • Made in the USA & backed by a 20-Year Limited Manufacturers’ Warranty! Made from UV and chemical resistant 100% virgin polypropylene & is 100% recyclable

    PondBuilder's Serenity Skimmer Box

    Features and Technical Specs

    • Great for new or existing ponds and watergardens! Skims the pond of debris before it can settle to the bottom and turn into sludge. Two stage mechanical filtration; Houses & Protects Pump. Includes Natural Cover Lid! Made in the USA!
    • Unit Includes: Skimmer Box, Detachable Snout/Door, Natural Cover Lid, Filter Mat, Mesh Leaf Net, Stainless Screws, Screw Caps, Liner Clips, Silicone, & Installation Instructions.
    • Dimensions: 22" x 14.5" x 19.5"
    • Snout Opening: 7.5" x 6.25" .
    • 5 Year Warranty │ Made in the USA

    Savio Engineering's FilterWeir™ 16

    The most important part of paradise is the unmistakable sound of a waterfall in motion. There's nothing quite like it, and now you can create that dramatic centerpiece to any pond, instantly, with Savio FilterWeirs
    Creating appealing waterfalls is easy with FilterWeirs. FilterWeirs provide bio-mechanical filtration and the tranquil sounds and visual splendor of a cascading waterfall. Simple installation, solid construction, professional results. Use multiple units to build cascades and larger waterfalls. F060 Includes a sturdy media grate for plants and stones.
    The Savio FilterWeir™ 16 allows you to quickly add the tranquil sound and visual splendor of a cascading waterfall to any pond or water feature. This unit also provides supplemental filtration- to keep your pond cleaner & healthier. Install in concrete or liner ponds - no silicone glue is required.

    Features and Technical Specs

    • Bio-mechanical filtration for clear and prestine water.
    • Produces a 16" curtain of falling water.
    • Use multiple units to build cascades and larger waterfalls.
    • Up to 4,0000 GPH Max Flow.

    Half Off Ponds Manta Series 2,100 GPH Submersible Pump

    Features and Technical Specs

    • Extremely energy efficient magnetic drive technology is an ideal choice for fountains, waterfalls and most ponds
    • Upright design with space-saving footprint makes this pump ideal for skimmer and pondless waterfall installations. Intake screen prevents clogging while passing solids up to 0.25 inch
    • Asynchronous drive motor can be controlled with variable speed controller (not included) that permits you to increase or decrease pump flow as needed
    • Vortex impeller passes solids to .25”. Engineered for 24-hour continuous use; overload sensor prevents burnout
    • Contains no oil; completely safe for fish, wildlife and aquatic plants. Backed by a 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty!

    Half Off Ponds Flexible Kink Free Tubing

    Pipes, hoses and tubing are the 'circulatory system' any Koi pond, water garden or waterfall. Selecting the right pipe, hose or tubing for any project, from a residential backyard pond to commercial water feature or muncipal project, is a key decision to create and maintain a healthy water environment.

    Features and Technical Specs

    • Extremely flexible; will not kink or collapse even around tight turns, bends or curves.
    • Ribbed interior wall will not impede water flow, prevents friction loss.
    • Resists UV deterioration and black material inhibits algae growth
    • Works with standard schedule 40 barbed fittings for quick and easy hand-tighten connections
    • Fish & Wildlife safe and backed by a 25-Year Manufacturer's Warranty!
    • Backed by a 25-Year Manufacturer's Warranty!

    Patriot Pond Lighting

    Bronze LED Spot Light Set w/ 6-Watt Transformer

    Features and Technical Specs

    • Adds a beautiful finishing touch.
    • Installation options for spot lights - 4" base, ground stake and deck/tree mount.
    • 45-degree beam angle LED bulbs produce 45 lumens of light and last 40,000 hours.
    • Completely submersible; safe to use in and around water features.

    FAQs & Calculations to Help Select the Correct Kit

    1. What is EPDM?
    EPDM is an elastomeric compound that is manufactured from ethylene, propylene, and a small amount of diene monomer. These ingredients are synthesized to produce a product that exhibits a high degree of ozone, ultraviolet, weathering and abrasion resistance, and outstanding low temperature flexibility. These ingredients also contribute to resistance to acids, alkalis, and oxygenated solvents (i.e. ketones, esters, and alcohols).
    2. What is the maximum size sheet for EPDM membrane?
    Sheets as large as 50 feet in width are produced mostly for use in ballasted and mechanically fastened applications. Narrower widths are also produced to offer applicators greater flexibility in positioning membrane. Narrower sheets are also produced without factory seams (seamless) for use primarily in adhered and mechanically fastened applications. The major advantage of seamless material is the elimination of factory splice T-joints that occur when factory seams intersect with field splices. This reduction in T-joints significantly increases the potential for watertight performance by eliminating potential "water channels" into field splices. Both narrow and wide sheets are manufactured in varying lengths from 50' to 200'.
    3. What size liner do I need?
    The formula for sizing a pond liner is:
    (Pond Length') + (2 x Pond Depth') + (2') = Liner Length'
    (Pond Width') + (2 x Pond Depth') + (2') = Liner Width'

    So... if you want a finished pond that is 12' long, 7' wide, and 3' deep; then using the formula above, the liner size you need is:
    (12') + (2 x 3') + (2') = 20' Long
    (7') + (2 x 3') + (2') = 15' Wide

    This basic formula will work for ALL pond shapes.
    4. How many gallons of water is in my pond?
    The formula for determining the number of gallons of water in a pond is simple.

    For Square and Rectangular Ponds:
    (Pond Length') x (Pond Width') x (Pond Depth') x 7.5 = Gallon Size

    For Round Ponds:
    (Radius') x (Radius') x (3.14 Pi) x (7.485) = Gallon Size

    So... if you want a finished pond that is rectangular in shape, and is 12' long, 7' wide, and 3' deep; then using the formula above, the gallon size of your pond is:
    (12') x (7') x (3') x 7.5 = 1,890 Gallons
    5. How deep should I make my water feature?
    For fish ponds, a depth of at least 18", or deeper is recommended. Healthy fish LOVE to move up and down, as well as side to side!
    For water gardens, the water feature should have a depth of at least 12", or deeper.
    Check your local fence requirements (building codes) and freeze line depth.
    General Pond Installation Video

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