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Aqua Marine Floating Fountains

10,000 GPH to 12,500 GPH

Half Off Ponds' Aqua Marine Fountains have multiple amazing displays. Choose between the 10,000 GPH or the 12,500 GPH pumps. Floating fountains aerate your water feature and prevent water stagnation which can lead to algae, a lack of oxygen, and mosquitos. It improves the water quality of any feature while also being beautiful to look at and listen to.

The Aqua Marine Floating Fountain is a complete package that is ready to go and are easy to assemble, install, and maintain. No electrician or special wiring necessary, and plugs right into a GFCI outlet. Available with a (3) 3-Watt White Lighting Kit with Remote, (3) 3-Watt Color Changing Lighting Kit with Remote or with a (3) 9-Watt Color Changing Light Kit and the homeowner can control the fountain lighting with the remote, WiFi controller, computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Lily Spray Nozzle

Includes 8 Spray Pattern Nozzles

These stunning and energy efficient decorative fountains include interchangeable nozzles that produce 8 unique display patterns. Half Off Ponds Aqua Marine Fountain agitate and aerate the water to promote a healthy aquatic environment for aquatic life. The quick-release allows you to easily switch from one pattern to another with minimal effort.

Use the Lily, Tulip, and Sunflower nozzles on the larger nozzle hub to get three, wide spray patterns. The Live Oak, Geyser, and JetStream nozzles have a more vertical display (20+ Feet!). Choose between a narrow or wide classic v-shape by shifting the adjustable Standard Deflector on the JetStream nozzle. Create a beautiful fountain display in ponds and water gardens. Add the lighting kit to create a spectacular evening water feature.

Fountain Nozzle Graphic