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Pond Pipe, Hose and Tubing

Pipes, hoses and tubing are the heart of any water garden system of any Koi pond, water garden or waterfall. Whether your project is commercial, municipal or residential, selecting the right pipe, hose or tubing for any project, is the key decision to create and maintain a healthy water environment.

Flexible PVC Pipe

Flexible PVC Pipe

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Black Vinyl TubingFlexibility

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Pipe Size Trumps Pump Size
Say you have an 8,000 GPH pump and 2" pipe in your pond or waterfall. Although the pump may be powerful enough to produce 8,000 GPH, the pipe will deliver a maximum of 6,800 GPH. Pipe size, not just pump capacity, will be the limiting factor in the flow of water in your project.

Pump Outlet Size Does Not Determine Pipe Size
The diameter of the outlet of a water pump is designed to enable the pump to produce GPH. It does not determine the proper pipe size. For example, many pumps producing 7,500 - 9,000 GPH may have a 2" outlet; use a reducer to step up from 2" to 3" and use 3" pipe for optimum performance.

A Single 3" Pipe Delivers More Flow Than 2 - 2" Pipes
The key here is less friction loss. Friction loss is the reduction of water pressure which occurs when water travels over distance and through any kind of restriction. The combination of pipe capacity and friction loss of water flowing through 2 - 2" pipes produces a flow of water that is actually less than the volume of water that will travel through a single 3" pipe!

Flexible Pipe, Hose and Tubing Chart All flow rates in Gallons Per Hour (GPH)
Size Minimum Peak Efficiency Maximum
1/2" 60 120 - 360 420
3/4" 300 500 - 800 900
1" 700 800 - 1.400 1,500
1 1/4" 900 1,600 - 3,000 3,200
1 1/2" 2,000 3,000 - 4,200 4,400
2" 3,000 4,500 - 6,500 6,800
3" 6,000 7,200 - 9,000 14,000
4" 14,000 21,000 28,000
6" 33,000 42,000 60,000
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Plumbing Fittings

When you buy pipe, hose, tubing, waterfalls, skimmers, pumps and any other pond products, you are going to need plumbing fittings to ensure that your pond system is structured to its peak potential. We sell every type of fitting that you could ask for, so feel free and browse through our fittings.