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Savio UVinex

Savio UVinex
Savio UVinex

Savio's UVinex UV system uses a coated ultraviolet lamp to avoid the need for fragile quartz sleeves. What is the difference between an ultraviolet sterilizer and an ultraviolet clarifier? Actually, there is not a difference in the units themselves, the difference is in the ratings provided for the appropriate pond size and flow rate. By following UV sterilizer ratings the pond should have clear water despite most other conditions and the UV will also be more effective against controlling microscopic pathogens. A UV clarifier rating typically means that you may not have crystal clear water all the way to the bottom. It also assumes that the pond has good plant coverage (greated than 50%) and adequate biological filtration. When following UV clarifier ratings it is a good idea to oversize the UV to help ensure cleaner water.

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Savio SUV018A UVinex System Savio SUV018A UVinex System

  • Outputs (Watts): 18

  • Pond Size: 2,500 Gallons

  • Water Flow Rate: 1,500

List Price: $320.00
Our Price: $256.00
Savings: $64.00
Savio SUV026 UVinex System Savio SUV026A UVinex System

  • Outputs (Watts): 26

  • Pond Size: 5,000 Gallons

  • Water Flow Rate: 2,500 GPH

List Price: $340.00
Our Price: $272.00
Savings: $68.00
Savio SUV050 UVinex System Savio SUV050A UVinex System

  • Outputs (Watts): 50

  • Pond Size: 9,000 Gallons

  • Water Flow Rate: 4,750 GPH

List Price: $450.00
Our Price: $360.00
Savings: $90.00