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Small Pond Filtration Filtration

Small Pond Filtration

Do you have a small pond which could use a waterfall and added filtration? Two multi-purpose pieces of equipment we would recommend are the ASK-5000 Skimmer APF-16 Filtering Waterfall. These items guarantee improved pond-clarity and less maintenance on your part. In this article, we will elaborate on how these products benefit small ponds.

The ASK-5000 is an Anjon Manufacturing Skimmer. Skimmers add extra filtration to ponds. The way they work is by collecting the leaves and other surface debris from the pond before they settle to the bottom. This can save the pond owner a ton of maintenance down the road. Organic debris collects at the bottom of ponds creating sludge. Pumps can sometimes get jammed up by algae and other debris, damaging them or negatively affecting their performance. The skimmer houses the pump to protect it from gunk. Additionally, the ASK-5000 contains a basket that collects solids, keeping them away from the pump.

The ASK-5000 is manufactured using a heavy-duty high-density polyethylene. This makes it long-lasting, durable, and reliable. It was also engineered to ensure minimal maintenance. This skimmer is meant for ponds between 1,000 - 5,000 gallons and skims ponds up to 500 feet of surface. In addition to the leaf basket, the ASK-5000 includes a self-adjusting weir and a rugged removable lid that supports naural rock camouflage and foot traffic.

The APF-16 is a 16” filtering waterfall produced by Anjon Manufacturing with a limited lifetime warranty. The filtering waterfall does exactly what it promises; it not only creates a gorgeous waterfall, but it clarifies the pond water through an extra step of filtration. It filters via a Bio-Filtration Mat and a mesh bag containing ¼ cubic feet of BioBalls. The mat filters out solid waste while the BioBills promote the growth of beneficial bacteria which will improve the health of the pond.