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Complete Spillway Kits Complete Spillway Kits

Complete Spillway Kits

Lighted spillways can be easily added to an existing water feature to create a stunning night display. These spillways are an excellent addition to any of your water feature applications. The brilliant LED lighting and calming sound combine to create a peaceful and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

The Sheer and Steel Elegance Basin Kits include all the components to create breathtaking spillway features. It can be a time-consuming challenge to research, compare, and order all the individual parts to build such features. The Sheer/Steel Elegance Basin Kit components are hand-picked by water feature experts to ensure consistent quality of performance.

In a complete spillway kit setup, water flows from the spillway into the splash mat, located on the basin’s top surface. The water then flows into the basin where it is pumped through the tubing and back out the spillway in a sheer water effect. This cycle of recirculation operates quietly to maintain the tranquil nature of the feature.

Included in the Complete Spillway Kit are lighted spillways. They are available in 12”, 24”, and 36” widths in acrylic and steel. The acrylic model is constructed from two sheets of clear acrylic spaced approximately 3/16” apart. This tight outlet produces the beautiful sheer water effect. Lighted spillways produce a shimmering clear arc of water during the day and a dramatic lighted cascade of water at night. A captivating addition to a koi pond, water garden, pool, or spa. It is important to note that Sheer/Steel Elegance Lighted Spillways are typically used in wet wall or formal falls applications where debris is minimal.

The included LED remote gives the operator full control of the many light settings for any mood. There are eight different color options: red, green, blue, white, orange, yellow, blue, and purple. The effects are Flash, Jump, Fade, and Blend and their speeds can be adjusted from slow to fast. These settings provide many customization opportunities, perfect for any occasion.

The basins are typically housed behind short walls and concealed by pebbles, gravel, or rocks. There is plenty of room to be creative with the display. Some spillways will peacefully flow in the center of a garden, some will accent pools or outdoor living spaces. These are an affordable, yet luxurious accent to all types of settings.