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Pond UV Clarification

Combined with good filtration, UV Sterilizers and Ionizers sustain clean and clear water. UV Sterilizers emit germicidal ultraviolet light that’s comparable to sunlight to help purify green water caused by free-floating algae.

Water with free-floating algae is pumped into the Sterilizers and across the UV lamp. As the water is exposed to the ultraviolet light, the algae clump. The clumped material is collected in the filter and removed from the water. The result is cleaner, more vibrant water, which allows you to see your fish.

A UV Sterilizer only work effectively with regular pond maintenance. Be sure to keep an eye on water condition, such as, excess food and light, to get the most effective use out of your UV Sterilizers.

Without UV

With UV

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Savio UVinvex Replacement Bulb Video
  • Shockwave UV

    • Rugged, industrial strength UV clarifier for residential, commercial and municipal projects
    • UV-C bulb provides 9,000 hours of algae control
    • Reflective stainless steel sterilization chamber boosts UV-C effectiveness by nearly 35%
    • Oversized inlet and outlet ports, plus 3" diameter housing, produces better flow rates
  • Savio High-Output UVinex UV

    • Fights algae, parasites, bacteria, and more
    • Low-maintenance
    • 20' Power Cord
    • Easy-to-clean
  • GC Tek UV

    • Can be mounted vertical (shown) or horizontal
    • Long life electronic ballast
    • Pressure switch shuts off unit in case of pump failure
    • 12' cord standard; longer by special order
    • Optional GFCI protector available by special order
    • 5 year warranty on unit; 1 year warranty on lamp
  • Ionizers

    • Electronically detects, monitors and controls microscopic levels of copper, silver and zinc ions
    • Dramatically reduces pond maintenance
    • Eliminates unsightly water without chemicals
    • Use less than $2 a month in electricity
    • Fish, wildlife and aquatic plant safe
    • Simple to install and easy to maintain

Savio UVinex UV

Savio UVinex UV Systems


  • Increase the effectiveness of your filtration
  • New Stainless Steel Ballast
  • One System Only. Does Not Include Two Units
  • Durable coated bulb eliminates fragile quartz parts
  • Easy maintenance - wipes clean to restore effectiveness
  • Simple "Plug N Play" installation
  • No special plumbing knowledge required
  • 20' power cord