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Clean Sweep 1400 Pond Vacuum

The CleanSweep Muck & Debris Pond and Pool Vacuum is the fast, effective and convenient way to remove muck, debris and decaying organic matter from water gardens, fish ponds and swimming pools. The compact design of the unit, with easy grip handle, is easy to lift and maneuver.

The powerful 1400-watt motor operates on a continuous intermittent cycle and produces a powerful vacuum. With its 6-foot maximum suction depth, this vacuum can dislodge and extract the toughest layers of settled sludge or decaying organic matter on the pond bottom.

The continuous intermittent cycle means that once the vacuum fills the holding chamber, the motor shuts off so the chamber can drain; after the chamber drains, the vacuum motor restarts and stays running on this intermittent cycle continuously until the job is done.

Pond water, laden with decaying organic matter, makes excellent organic fertilizer for plants and shrubs. Simply attach the debris collection bag to the outfeed hose to capture the solids and allow nutrient rich pond water to flow into plantings. The debris collection bag attaches to the discharge end of the outfeed hose.

The CleanSweep Muck & Debris Pond and Pool Vacuum comes with the following:

  • 13-Foot Intake Suction Hose
  • 4 Extension Tubes
  • 3 Vacuum Nozzles
  • 6.5-Foot Outfeed Hose
  • Dry-Vac Collection Bag
  • 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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PondoVac Classic Pond Vacuum CleanSweep 1400 Pond Vacuum with a 13' Intake Suction Hose, 4 Extension Tubes, 3 Vacuum Nozzles, a 6.5 foot Output Hose, and a Debris Collection Bag

  • Max suction depth: 6 ft.
  • Suction hose length: 13 ft.
  • Discharge hose length: 6.5 ft.
  • Power consumption: 1400W

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