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20 mil PVC Koi Pond Liner

Premium Liner For Koi Ponds, Water Gardens and Waterfalls

Pond Liner is the foundation for any Koi pond, water garden or waterfall. When building your water feature PVC liner is a cost efficient choice and has a great range of flexibility when needed. The standard warranty is 5 years for PVC liner, but be warned...If left out in the sun often the liner will begin to deteroriate. Make sure you extend the life time of your pond liner by covering the liner above water level.

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ below.

PVC Pond Liner

20 mil PVC Pond Liner

  • Protect PVC liner from direct UV exposure
  • Adapts readily to pond and pondless waterfalls
  • Attaches easily to waterfalls, weirs and skimmers
  • Certified fish and wildlife safe
  • 5 year warranty
Add underlayment to your liner to make it a combo and receive a 10 year warranty Make it a combo

Frequently Asked Questions

What size liner do I need?

The formula for sizing a pond liner is

A 12' long, 7' wide and 3' deep pond is...
12' + (2 * 3) +2' = 20' Long
7' + (2 * 3) + 2' = 15' Wide

How many gallons is my pond?

The formula for determining the number of gallons is:
Length * Width * Depth * 7.5 = Gallons

RADIUS * RADIUS * 3.14 * 7.485 = Gallons

12 * 12 * 3.14 * 7.485 = 3,384 Gallons

Underlayment for Pond Liner

Upgrade by adding Underlayment

The biggest contributors to pond liners failing are poor, unstable soil conditions and rips and tears from rocks and boulders. Shifting soil creates pockets and voids under your pond liner, forcing it to stretch under the weight of the water. Rocks and boulders placed on and around your water feature create aesthetically pleasing visual focal points. They can also penetrate, tear and harm yrou liner. Underlayment adds an extra layer of protection between pond liner and rocky or unstable soils. It stabilizes soil to prevent air voids from forming between the liner and earth; reduces wear and abrasion from rocks and roots and extends the life of pond liner.

Liner Seam & Repair Kits

Seam Tape Semi-cured EPDM rubber, coated on both sides with a highly resistant and aggressive Butyl adhesive. Used to splice together two sheets of EPDM pond liner.
Flashing Tape Very flexible, uncured EPDM rubber, coated on one side with a resistant and aggressive Butyl adhesive. Stretches across wrinkles and around pipe penetrations. Use to cover (top-dress) EPDM pond liner seams.
Cover Tape
Cured EPDM rubber, coated on one side with a resistant and aggressive Butyl adhesive. Used on flat, non-stretching surfaces.
Primer / Splice Wash A low VOC solvent used to prepare, clean and prime EPDM sheets prior to applying peel and stick tapes.
Lap Sealant Self-leveling edge treatment used to ensure a leak-free, watertight seal when seaming together two sheets of EPDM pond liner.

Step by Step Support

Here at Half Off Ponds, we strive to make to work hard, so that it is easy for our customers to shop our store. We also provide tutorials and instructions for when you may need assitance. Repairing pond liner and running pipe through liner can be a little complicated, if you have never done it before. Check out our tutorial page for more information.