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Pump Parts and Accessories

Whether you want to control the flow of your pump or replace the intake screen, we carry several products that help get the most out of your pump. Every controller and part are tested, so it is guaranteed they work! It is important to use parts certified by the manufacturer to ensure your pump runs properly.
  • Intake Screens

    Keeps fish, algae, twigs and other debris from clogging your pump.
    • Available for the Aqua Pulse, Manta, and Fountain Master pumps
    • Manufacturer Certified part
    • No tools required
  • Variable Speed Controller

    A cost-effective way of reducing the water flow without needing energy-wasting ball and gate valves.
    • 2 options; the MSVAR also includes a timer
    • Lowers electrical costs
    • Works with pumps smaller than 6 amps
    • Reduce the output by up to half
  • Pump Impellers

    Most issues that occur with submersible pumps can be fixed by replacing the impeller.
    • Available for all Mag Drive and Hybrid pumps
    • Manufacturer Certified impeller
    • Does not void the warranty!