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Direct Drive Pumps

Direct Drive motors are built to withstand more pressure for a higher head height. This allows them to pump water further distances and even up steep inclines. These pump models are highly recommended for large bodies of water and tall waterfalls. You can feel confident with your purchase because these pumps lead the market with the lowest return ratio at less than 1%.
  • Piranha Pumps

    High flow, high head pressure pump which utilizes direct-drive impelling technology capable of pumping larger amounts of water over longer distances than its Magnetic drive counterpart.
    • Flow Rates ranging from 3000-6300 GPH
    • 33’’ foot cord length
    • Stainless steel housing
    • Capable of consistent 24/7 use
    • Minimum Head 5'
  • Savio Water Master Clear Pumps

    This direct-drive water pump has a high flow, high head pressure. Savio's spin on the pump housing makes it more resistant to weathering and protects the pump motor from other outside factors.
    • Flow Rates ranging from 1200-3960
    • 16’ foot cord length
    • Non-corrosive housing unit with heavy-duty ball bearings
    • Additional 3rd lip seal on the impeller protecting your pump
    • 2 year warranty
  • Savio Water Master Solids Pumps

    High flow, high head pressure pump with direct drive motor, with more flow rate variances than its water master counterpart.
    • Flow Rates ranging from 1450-6500 GPH
    • 16’ foot cord length
    • Housed in a non-corrosive unit with wear-resistant shell
    • Perfect for continuous use in ponds and pond free applications