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Asynchronous and Magnetic Drive Pumps

Submersible Energy Efficient and work with low and High head applications. Easy to maintain and have long warranties. Asynchronous pumps flow can be adjusted by remotes to save power and provides design flexibility. When these pumps are paired with variable speed controllers they can be put on timers and adjust wattage and flow. This allows you to crank up a waterfall for entertaining and slow it down at night while you sleep.
  • Aqua Pulse

    Aqua Pulse Pumps are perfect for water gardens, fish ponds, aquaponics systems and Pond Free water features.
    • Flow rate 550-12,500
    • Can be placed horizontal or vertical to fit many applications
    • Submersible or inline
    • Works with Variable speed controller
  • Pond Pulse

    High flow, energy-efficient hybrid drive technology combines the characteristics of a direct drive pump with the efficiency of a mag drive pump.
    • Flow rate 3,000 - 15,000 GPH
    • 30’ cord lengths
    • Durable steel housing
    • Less than a 1% failure rate
  • Manta Pumps

    Extremely energy efficient magnetic drive technology is an ideal choice for fountains, waterfalls and most ponds.
    • Flow rate 1,200 – 4,100 GPH
    • 25’ cord length
    • Near silent operation
    • Best to keep the pump in a skimmer
    • Works with Variable Speed controller
  • Hydroflow Pumps

    The HydroFlow Pumps are designed to deliver high volumes of unobstructed water flow in backyard fishponds and water gardens.
    • Flow rate 1,200 – 5000 GPH
    • 30’ cord lengths
    • The best option if your pump is not in a skimmer
    • Low maintenance