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200' Cord 3,000-8,000 GPH Aqua Marine Floating Fountains

Add an Aqua Marine Floating Fountain to aerate your water feature and prevent water stagnation which can lead to algae, mosquitoes, and low oxygen levels. Surface aeration is important in shallow ponds to ensure oxygen saturation. The Aqua Marine Floating Fountain circulates pond water to increase dissolved oxygen levels and help aerobic bacteria control algae. These fountains are a complete package that are ready to go and is easy to assemble, install, and maintain. No electrician or special wiring is necessary and plugs right into a GFCI outlet.

Includes 5 Spray Pattern Nozzles

The Aqua Marine Floating fountain is designed to easily switch from one spray pattern to the next with the Nozzle Quick Release system. These stunning and energy efficient decorative fountains include interchangeable nozzles that produce multiple unique display patterns. Choose between the JetStream, Classic V, Classic V with JetStream, Live Oak, Geyser and customize the fountain to your favorite look.

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AQF8000-200 - Aqua Marine Floating Fountain with Float and 8,000 GPH Pump with 200' Cord 3/4 HP Floating Fountain | 200 foot Cord | 11 Patterns | Surface Aeration for Ponds | AQF8000-200

  • 8,000 GPH
  • 11 Display Patterns
  • 200' Cord
  • 3/4 HP

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Sale Price: $844.05
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Don't forget to add lights to your fountain!

Floating Fountain Lights

Floating Fountain Lights

Half Off Ponds Floating Fountains Light Kits are awesome additions to our fountains. The kits have everything you need to get your lighting up and running. 3 LED brass fixtures, 3 mounting brackets, 100 foot water proof extension cable, transformer, and a photocell to turn off the system during the day. These lighting systems will take your floating fountain to a whole new level. They can also be adapted to fit on other companies floating fountains.