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Anjon EcoFountains: Keeping Ponds Healthy Anjon EcoFountain

Anjon EcoFountains: Keeping Ponds Healthy

Ponds can lose their original clarity. This happens when there are imbalances, a lack of circulation, a lack of nutrients and oxygen, or general neglect of a pond. The water can begin to stagnate, leading to several negative issues. Not only can stagnant ponds give way to murky, unsightly water, but they can have symptoms which are quite difficult to promptly correct. Some of the most notable symptoms include organic debris and muck buildup, algae growth, and becoming mosquito breeding grounds. The longer these issues go unaddressed, the symptoms worsen, and cleaning becomes more challenging.

Anjon Manufacturing EcoFountains fix the problems that lead to poor pond health in the first place. These floating fountains do this by providing the necessary oxygen to enhance aquatic life health. Additionally, they de-stratify thermal layers to help eliminate algae. Water circulation is crucial to prevent buildup. Additionally, Anjon Manufacturing EcoFountains are a great addition because of their superior aesthetic features, ease-of-assembly, and simple operation. They do not contain oil, making them completely safe for fish, wildlife, and aquatic plants. EcoFountains offer gorgeous customizable displays while keeping your pond healthy.

Aesthetic Features

Anjon’s EcoFountain includes 3 fountain nozzles for you to choose from. The nozzles produce Classic V, Trumpet, and Lily spray patterns. These elegant displays aren’t limited to the daytime; they can be even more stunning at night. In addition to the three available spray patterns, EcoFountains are compatible with our RGB LED Brass Light kits (sold separately). Available in standard white or remote color-changing, these LEDs are very bright and energy-efficient. These kits come in 3 or 9 watts and a 100’ or 200’ power cord. The accompanying remote allows the user to select solid colors or color patterns. Additionally, the lights can operate via timer or be set to turn on or off during daylight hours.


Assembly, installation, and maintenance are quite simple and no tools are required. The finished fountain will be comprised of the fountain nozzle hub, pump, and debris net submersed under the float. The Quick-Disconnect Cord lets you easily and safely unplug the fountain to perform maintenance. To swap out nozzles, there is a Quick-Release Mechanism that makes the process super simple.


Anjon Manufacturing EcoFountains provide top aeration for ponds up to a 1/2 acre 3-6’ deep. Larger and deeper ponds will need subsurface aeration (link to Lifeline subsurface aeration kits). The included pump oxygenates the pond, inhibits algae growth, improves pond habitat, and promotes fish health. Also, the asynchronous drive motor can be controlled with variable speed controller (sold separately) that permits you to increase or decrease pump flow as needed. The vortex impeller passes solids to 0.25” and is engineered for 24-hour continuous use. There is an overload sensor present to prevent burnout. The debris net is secured to the float via mooring ropes and helps keep the assembly clean and protected.

Anjon Manufacturing EcoFountains are not only a beautiful addition for a pond, but they will help its long-term health. Between the light displays and spray patterns, the EcoFountain will actively entertain guests and onlookers whether it is day or night. Half Off Ponds takes the superior Anjon Manufacturing quality of the EcoFountain and makes it affordable and backed by stellar customer service and free shipping.