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Light Wiring

LumiNight Wiring is designed to connect your lights and keep them sealed while submerged in pond water. We are confident it will withstand rain, snow, and other elements. Other lighting systems have you stab through the wire, which gives you a weaker connection and do not effectively seal the connections. LumiNight wiring has individual connections that screw together and seal the connections of each light. We carry splitters to help you make multiple runs of lights. Add extension cords to help reach further distances.

T-Cord Connections

  • The T-Connector on the power cord is for connecting multiple lights in a row. Do not overload your transformer.
  • RGB Controller not included with white light kits.
  • Wi-Fi Conroller (sold seperately) will work with color changing lights.
  • Photocell switch automatically turns lights on and off.
  • Transformer available in several watt sizes.
T-Cord Connection Web Graphic
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