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How to Choose the Correct Pump

How to Choose the Correct Pump

Choosing the correct pump for your water feature is essential to the circulation and filtration of your water. An incorrect pump will cause poor circulation leading to low oxygen levels, buildup, and poor water quality. Half Off Ponds has the pump you need to keep your water feature in pristine and healthy condition. Here’s a few things to consider when choosing your pump:

Aqua Pulse Submersible Pumps
Aqua Pulse Submersible Pumps


Knowing the size of your water feature is critical when choosing a pump. Choosing a correct size pump is determined by how many gallons of water your feature holds. For proper circulation, water should be pumped through your pond at least every two hours. If your pond holds 1000 gallons of water, then you should have a pump that circulates 500 gallons of water per hour (GPH). If your pond holds a large amount of fish, you need to consider a pump that would circulate the water at a higher rate so that the fish have a healthy environment to live in.

Head Height

If your water feature includes a waterfall or stream, you will want to consider the amount of pump head pressure that your system will have, in order to help you determine the correct pump size. To estimate the head height, add the vertical height of your water feature and the static head pressure, or in other words, the pipe length and fitting. Add 1’ for every 10’ of pipe and 1’ for elbows or “T” fittings. So if your water feature had a height of 3’, 30’ of pipe, and 2 elbows, you would have a head height of 8’.

Flow Rate

Another consideration that needs to be made is the waterfall flow rate, which is the volume of water moving over the straight edge of a flat spill way. Many factors will affect the aesthetics – sights and sounds – of a pleasing waterfall. The average amount of water moving over a waterfall is 1,500 GPH for every 1’ of width.

Submersible vs External Pumps

Half Off Ponds submersible pond pumps are installed in a skimmer or placed directly within your pond. Submersible pumps are very effective for fountains, waterfalls, and smaller ponds. Aqua Pulse Pond Pumps are one of the reliable brands of pumps that Half Off Ponds offers. The pumps are energy efficient, high flow, and engineered for 24-hour use. Aqua Pulse Pond Pumps have an overload sensor that prevents burnout and the pumps are completely safe for fish, wildlife, and aquatic plants.

External pumps are great choice for larger ponds. Half Off Ponds offers the Anjon Landshark High Efficiency Water Pump which is a self-priming heavy-duty external water pump that generates a maximum flow of 3,325-5,575 GPH. The external pump delivers outstanding reliability and performance. Within the pump is an easily removable oversized debris basket that traps twigs and leaves. Whether a submersible or external pond pump fits your needs, Half Off Ponds has the best brands and affordable prices to choose from.

For more information, check out Half Off Pond’s Pond Calculator for calculations and estimates regarding measurements for your pond.