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Pond Aeration Systems & Air Pumps

Air Pumps are the perfect choice to create and maintain a healthy pond environment. These quiet, energy efficient pumps enhance oxygen levels and help circulate the water in your Koi pond. Air Pumps add needed oxygen to Koi ponds in hot summer months when oxygen levels decline. In the winter, Air Pumps help break down fish waste and prevent pond surfaces from completely freezing, allowing toxic gasses to harmlessly escape. Promotes growth of algae controlling beneficial bacteria which reduces algae. Air Pumps are an excellent emergency backup in case your main pump breaks down and you need to wait for the new one to arrive.

Looking for aeration accessories?


Subsurface aerators break up and prevent thermocline from forming and provides a healthier solution than chemical treatment. Subsurface aerators provide high oxygen transfer and have high circulation

Surface/Fountain Aerators

Surface aeration provides high oxygen transfer in aesthetic displays. A pond or lake can have an increased fish habitat with surface aeration as opposed to no aeration. Floating fountains are ideal for adding a decorative and functional element to your pond, helping move the top layers of water and preventing algae growth and increasing oxygen levels.