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Half Off Ponds Pro Aeration Systems

The Half Off Ponds Aeration Compressors are high flow, high capacity air compressors ideally suited for lake and pond bottom aeration. Each Half Off Ponds Air Compressor operates on a 120-volt, 7.5-amp motor with a 6-foot double insulated power cord and are most efficient in 25-foot water depths, with a maximum operating depth of 40 feet.

Air filter with replaceable, debris-trapping element delivers clean, pure air. These reliable, low maintenance units are designed for continuous or intermittent operation.

Sealed connecting rod and bearing lubrication, oil-free air compressing chamber and shock-absorbing vibration-isolating mounts assure years of trouble-free operation on the 1HP, 6.7 CFM pond aeration compressor.

The Half Off Ponds Aeration Compressor is used to help break down fish waste allowing toxic gasses to harmlessly escape as well as help prevent the pond surface from freezing over in the winter months.

Hand-selected components are durable, reliable, and low-maintenance. The Pro Aeration, Deep Water Subsurface Kit delivers oxygen to create and maintain a healthy environment.

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