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Pondless Water Feature Guide

Pondless Water Feature Guide

Adding a waterfall to your outdoor landscape may be the main feature that you are missing. Having a waterfall comes with many different perks, besides the fact that it creates a great focal point in your landscape. A pondless waterfall is a simple feature you can add to bring greater dimension to your landscape.

Pondless Water Feature

You may be wondering, how exactly does a pondless waterfall work? Water is pumped to the top of the waterfall and comes out of the spill way. The water then makes its way down to the bottom of the feature where it disappears into a rock covered basin. Using Half Off Ponds Water MatrixBlox creates smaller basins and maximizes water storage. Filling a basin or reservoir with rock displaces 90% of the water. After the water is collected in the basin it is then pumped back through the tubes back to the top of the water feature and the process repeats itself.

Pondless waterfalls have many different advantages. For example, pondless waterfalls generally do not take up as much space as most ponds would. The waterfall can be as small, or as large as you may wish depending on the amount of space you have available for the feature. Along with the soothing sights and sounds of a gentle waterfall, wildlife will be attracted due to the constant flow of water. Pondless waterfalls are child and pet friendly since there are no sections of standing water. Also, mosquito larva will not be able to hatch since there is no sitting water.

With Half Off Ponds pondless waterfall kits, creating an eye catching focal point in your landscape is extremely doable. To start, consider the size of the feature you envision. Half Off Ponds offers options ranging from small, medium, large, and mega. From there, choose the kit that fits your needs according to the size and then you can start assembling your feature. The kit will provide you with everything you need to keep your water feature up and running. All you need to add is water, rocks, and plants. Building your pondless water feature yourself is straightforward and rewarding. Half Off Ponds will provide everything you need to make your vision come to life and all you need to do is create your water feature how you want and show off your great work!

Half Off Ponds 10’x25’ Pondless Small Savio Waterfall Kit is a great example of the equipment that is provided within the pondless waterfall kits. Within the kit is a Savio 16” Waterfall Filterweir, a Flood 3,300 GPH Water Pump, Underguard Geotextile Underlayment, LifeGuard Pond Liner, Kink Free Piping, 1 Watt LED Puck Light, and a pond installation kit. The products come from the trustworthy brand of Anjon Manufacturing.