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Submersible Pond Pumps

Selecting the best pump for your application is easy! Review your design and grab the pump that works best for that application. We are here to help! Is the pump being placed in the pond? If so then you need a submersible pump, if not then you would go with an external pump. When placing a pump inside the pond you should choose one that will not clog easily. We recommend a pump with a large pre-filter screen so that you do not have to clean it as often or one that passes larger particles without clogging. Whenever possible we recommend installing a skimmer to protect your pump, skimmers provide easy access to your pump and act as a filter for the pond. When using a skimmer or Pond Free Well remember to pick a pump that fits and provides the flow you need. Energy requirements, head height, and flow requirements will determine what pump is best for you. Pipe size and length, as well as vertical height of a water feature have a dramatic effect on a pumps flow rate!!!
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