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Large Aeration Systems for Ponds and Lakes

What is Included with Your Savio2 Aeration System

There are a few components that are necessary to ensure successful aeration.

Air Compressor (included with all Savio2 Aeration Systems): The air compressor is the primary piece of the aeration system, it is the pump that produces the compressed air that is delivered to the bottom of the pond. The air compressor is placed on the shore or near the pond, but with additional tubing it can be placed several hundred feet away from the pond.

Weighted Tubing (included with all Savio2 Aeration Systems): Weighted tubing carries the air produced by the compressor down to the double diffuser at the bottom of the pond. What sets weighted tubing apart from standard tubing is that it doesn't float on top on the pond, so you can easily maintain the beauty of your pond!

Double Diffuser (included with all Savio2 Aeration Systems): The double diffuser is attached to the weighted tubing at the bottom of the pond. It is used to break up air, produced by the air compressor, into fine bubbles creating more effective circulation and aeration.

Air Compressor Enclosures (included with SAS-GE and SAS-WE options): Air compressor enclosures conceal and protect your air compressor. If air compressors get wet or too hot, they will quit working. Savio2 Air Pump Enclosures are specifically built to house Savio2 Air Compressors to ensure a seamless fit. These Air Pump Enclosures not only protect your air compressor from the elements; they also work against overheating with the help of heat-resistant tubing.

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